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Watercolor Pear Blossoms in Spring - Yoga Mat

Huttonian Designs Exclusive - designed by our in-house artist


Anti-slip backing

Keeps the yoga mat firmly in place and reduces the risk of slipping


Easy to carry to and from sessions

Vibrant Printing

The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors

24” x 68”

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Care Instructions

Looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your yoga practice? Our Watercolor Pear Blossoms in Spring Yoga Mat is just what you need! Immerse yourself in the serenity of a blooming garden, surrounded by delicate pear blossoms, with this stunning yoga mat.

But this mat is not just a pretty face. It's designed to enhance your practice in every way. The anti-slip rubber bottom keeps you grounded and stable, allowing you to confidently flow through even the most challenging poses. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding during your practice!

With edge-to-edge printing in exquisite detail, this mat is a true work of art. Each blossom is brought to life with vibrant colors, providing you with endless inspiration for your yoga journey. Let the beauty of nature fuel your practice and elevate your mind, body, and soul.

Not only is this mat visually captivating, but it's also incredibly functional. The microfiber suede top offers a soft and comfortable surface for your hands and feet, while also providing excellent grip. No more worrying about sweaty palms or losing your balance. This mat has got you covered!

And when it comes to convenience, our Watercolor Pear Blossoms in Spring Yoga Mat is a winner. It's lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for taking to your next yoga class or outdoor practice. Roll it up, slip it into your bag, and you're ready to go. Stay in harmony with nature wherever you go.

Enhance your yoga practice and surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Order your Watercolor Pear Blossoms in Spring Yoga Mat today and experience the joy of blooming blossoms every time you step onto your mat. Embrace the serenity and grace of nature in your practice.

Additional Details

  • Rubber bottom
  • Edge-to-edge print
  • Lightweight
  • Microfiber suede top

Care Instructions

Spot clean with soap and water.

Every Purchase Supports Two Small Businesses

When you purchase from Huttonian Designs, you're taking great steps to support small businesses and independent art. All of our products are created by first creating the featured art (usually in watercolor). Our artist then scans the art, and applies it to templates for each of our product types. When you make a purchase, the template is sent to a small print shop where the artwork is printed onto the items that you buy.

Customer Reviews

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Dannielle Glenn

I absolutely love my new yoga mat! It's so much more aesthetically pleasing than my old one and it's really helped me to get into the flow of my yoga practice. I also appreciate the extra stability it provides - it's definitely helped me to achieve better balance in my poses.

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Watercolor Pear Blossoms in Spring - Yoga Mat 24” x 68”

Watercolor Pear Blossoms in Spring - Yoga Mat